Branding one of Somerset's leading manufacturers.

Brand identity for Sealwise, a leading Somerset-based manufacturer specialising in waterproof construction board and furniture fabrication for veterinary practices, hospitals, science labs and architectural applications.

Building upon the water theme, we have created a series of gradient textures that emulate the turbulence of ocean waves and vast volumes of water. The gradients are rendered using the Sealwise brand colours; deep ocean blue, verdant greens and serene calming turquoise.

Through the use of neat icons, Swiss-inspired typography, clean illustrations and clear messaging, the brand identity is designed to convey a sense of professionalism, efficiency and experience, whilst also appearing different and unique.

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Distinctive graphic styling to help Sealwise standout.

At the core of our brand identity lies a collection of textured gradients, serving as the backbone of our visual language. This unique graphic styling sets Sealwise apart in a bustling marketplace, capturing attention and fostering recognition. These graphics serve as versatile tools, enabling the expression of our brand identity across various formats, including website banners, marketing brochures, and social media templates.