Little Green Rooms

Brand identity design and graphic styling for a garden room manufacturer.

Little Green Rooms are a young and ambitious Bristol based company who design and build high-quality garden rooms with a nature first-perspective. Despite a year of successful trading under a different name, Little Green Rooms recognised the need for a fresh and vibrant brand, leading them to partner with New Century Design.

In collaboration with directors Jack and Jessica, we embarked on the journey of developing a brand that reflects the company's essence – playful, vibrant, and family-oriented. The result is a visually striking identity characterised by lively graphics, thoughtful typographic design, soft and inviting colours, and a touch of modern graphic styling. This distinctive brand positions Little Green Rooms to stand out prominently in their market.

Design Services
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Website Design
‍Art Direction

SectorHome and Lifestyle

Space to grow.

To effectively convey the core messages and sensibilities of the brand, we crafted a collection of badges. These badges are designed with a simplistic and bold style, serving as visual ambassadors that succinctly encapsulate the essence of the brand.

Evolving the brand identity.

Beyond creating the brand identity, our partnership extended to elevating Little Green Rooms' marketing presence. This encompassed the design of eye-catching brochures, an engaging website, as well as the conceptualisation and implementation of graphics for their vans and office, along with carefully crafted signage. Together, these elements form a cohesive and compelling brand image that speaks to the heart of Little Green Rooms' commitment to quality and nature-centric design.

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