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Quarrying in the Mendips Since 1891. Graphic design and branding for one of Somerset's most prolific quarrying company.

Collaborating closely with John Wainwright & Co. Ltd over the past 15 years, our partnership has encompassed a spectrum of creative projects, including graphic design for company newsletters, annual reports, and event materials. In 2020, we embarked on a transformative journey with the Wainwright team to craft a compelling brand identity for their human resources initiative, 'The Wainwright Way.' This project aimed not only to redefine the visual representation of the company but also to articulate the essence of what it truly means to be part of the Wainwright community.

Our work on 'The Wainwright Way' involved distilling the unique ethos and values that define the Wainwright experience. Through strategic design elements, we sought to capture the spirit of their longstanding commitment to excellence and innovation in quarrying, a legacy that spans back to 1891 in the Mendips.

The resulting brand identity reflects the company's rich heritage while aligning seamlessly with its modern aspirations. It has become a powerful tool for communicating the Wainwright culture to both internal and external audiences. The success of this collaborative endeavor not only reinforces our enduring partnership but also stands as a testament to our ability to translate the essence of a company with a history as venerable as Wainwright into a visual language that resonates with contemporary audiences.

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New Century Design are the most creative designers I know. They have originated concepts, developed brands and sub-brands, and overseen a plethora of publishing projects for me - and the results have always been brilliant. George and the wider team are always a delight to work with: trustworthy, efficient and highly receptive to feedback. My go-to designers.

Tim Gibson, Communications Director, John Wainwright & Company and Editorial Director, The Writing Hut Ltd

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