Building an established gardening brand.

RocketGro, a pioneering organic compost and soil improver manufacturer, takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. By utilising a by-product of renewable energy production, RocketGro not only contributes to a greener environment but also positions itself as a trustworthy and family-centric brand within the competitive marketplace.

In our endeavour to establish RocketGro's unique identity, we drew inspiration from vintage packaging designs, infusing a sense of nostalgia and authenticity into the brand. The result is a comprehensive identity that speaks to the wholesome values of RocketGro.

As a key element of this project, we developed a series of distinctive brand stamps and badges featuring compelling slogans and illustrations. These elements seamlessly integrate across RocketGro's packaging and marketing materials, reinforcing the brand's character and creating a memorable visual language.

One standout feature of the RocketGro brand is its eye-catching packaging designed specifically for garden centers. The packaging not only reflects the brand's commitment to organic and chemical peat-free products but also captivates the attention of consumers with its vibrant and inviting design. The vintage-inspired aesthetic not only nods to the brand's commitment to tradition but also ensures that RocketGro stands out prominently on the shelves of garden centers.

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New Century Design were the find of the century for us at RocketGro. George is a delight to work with and his support, creative and artistic brilliance, and clever interpretation of a clients brief has been second to none. I will consider myself very fortunate to be able to work with New Century Design again in any other business venture that I pursue.

Toby Thomas, RocketGro Founder

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