Celebrating 850 Years of Wells Cathedral

In 2025, Wells Cathedral will commemorate the remarkable milestone of 850 years since the initiation of its construction. This pivotal moment in history serves as the driving force behind Wells Cathedral 850, an ambitious project dedicated to raising twenty million pounds for the cathedral's regeneration. Collaborating closely with Wells Cathedral, we embarked on a journey to craft an identity that seamlessly blends a profound heritage with a forward-looking vision, all while celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of community.

By seamlessly integrating elements of the cathedral's storied past with forward-thinking design principles, we've developed a brand identity that captures the essence of Wells Cathedral's legacy while radiating optimism for the next chapter. This dynamic approach is not merely about restoration; it's a celebration of diversity and community spirit that mirrors the cathedral's role as a unifying symbol for all.

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celebrating 850 years of wells cathedral

In 2025, Wells Cathedral will mark 850 years since its construction began. This landmark in history inspires Wells Cathedral 850. An ambitious project in which the group aims to raise twenty million pounds to regenerate the cathedral. We worked with Wells Cathedral to create an identity that embraced a rich heritage whilst looking forward to a bright future, celebrating diversity and community.

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