Studio Bizley

Brand identity for a timeless interiors design studio.

Studio Bizley is a Somerset-based interior design studio working across the UK. With a love of natural materials, handcrafted objects, and textiles, Studio Bizley creates interiors that are practical, comfortable, and intensely atmospheric.

Our collaboration with Studio Bizley aimed to encapsulate this design philosophy in a brand identity that strikes a balance between tradition and modernity. The result is a brand that exudes warmth while maintaining a contemporary focus.

Design Services
Brand Identity
Logo Design
‍Art Direction

SectorHome and Lifestyle
Interiors and Architecture

A design system for ready for growth.

The brand identity encompasses a dynamic logo suite, a carefully curated set of brand colors, a distinctive typeface, and a suite of branded marketing materials, including invoices and quotation documents. Each element contributes to projecting the essence of Studio Bizley's commitment to timeless design with a modern twist.

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