Green London Landscaping Co.

Keeping London Green since 1981. Brand identity and website design for a small landscaping business in North London.

The Green London Landscaping Co. is a small landscaping business based in North London. The company create beautiful, practical and affordable gardens, whether it’s a total redesign or simply adding a few plants, they bring your ideas to life. Notably, Green London Landscaping prioritises environmental consciousness, steadfastly committed to sustainable practices. They advocate for the use of ethically sourced, reclaimed, and sustainable materials, actively striving to diminish their carbon footprint.

Our collaboration with Green London Landscaping involved not only a transformative shift in their brand identity but also a strategic choice of a new name that accentuates the company's green ethos and mindful landscaping practices. This evolution pays homage to their extensive history of contributing to London's landscape. With the new name and visual identity firmly in place, we embarked on the development of a comprehensive portfolio website. This digital platform not only showcases their diverse services but also introduces the team behind the scenes and articulates the core brand values that underscore their commitment to sustainable and thoughtful landscaping practices.

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