Wyke Farms

Graphic design and illustration for a major cheesemaker based in Bruton, Somerset.

Wyke Farms, a beloved household name in the food and drink industry based in Bruton Somerset, approached the studio with an exciting project - to create an eye-catching van vinyl wrap that would promote their brand in a memorable way. They needed a design that would turn heads, evoke a sense of nostalgia, and make a lasting impression.

Wyke Farm lies in the heart of the cheddar making region in Somerset where the family have farmed for generations. Our inspiration drew from vintage packaging and the classic charm of dairy advertisements. The result is a distinctive concept featuring a vibrant colour scheme, including various shades of green, rich yellows, and creamy whites. Central to the design is an illustration of a modern dairy farm and a quaint farm cottage, nestled amidst rolling hills and green countryside, portraying the transition from a humble family farm to an internationally renowned cheese maker.

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Graphic Design
‍Art Direction
Vehicle Wrap

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Graphic design and branding for Wyke Farms
Graphic design and branding for Wyke Farms
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Somerset graphic design agency
Illustration and graphic design for wyke farn dairy company
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Graphic design and vehicle wrap design for Wyke Farms
Graphic design spread for Wyke Farms Cheese featuring illustration and graphic

Visual Storytelling: Depicting Wyke Farm's Rich Heritage Through Graphics

Collaborating closely with Wyke Farm's marketing team, our goal was to craft an illustrative style that exuded warmth and approachability while embracing a nostalgic, vintage aesthetic. Through thoughtful incorporation of graphic design elements, we aimed to capture the essence of Wyke Farm's growth, merging traditional charm with a modern, efficient outlook. The carefully selected illustrations on the van serve as a visual timeline, allowing viewers to grasp the transformation of this small Somerset business into a thriving, contemporary entity.

Graphic design for Wyke Farms
An illustration of a cow for Wyke Farm Cheese

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