Purveyors of Good Taste. Brand identity, illustrations and website design for mobile bar and events company.

Cartails, a dynamic bar and events company based in rural Dorset, UK, specialises in crafting unforgettable moments for a spectrum of occasions, be it events, parties, or weddings. Recognising the pivotal role they play in creating joyous experiences, Cartails approached New Century Design with the task of creating an identity that represented their enthusiasm for helping people have a good time.

Keen to set themselves apart from their competition we developed a brand identity that was unique to their marketplace. This unique visual identity is characterised by bold typography, a contemporary colour palette, and edgy illustrations, collectively forming a narrative that positions Cartails as a fun yet professional, contemporary and unique events company.

Design Services
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Website Design
‍Art Direction

SectorFood and Drink
Events and Hospitality

Raising the bar.

Going through the process of creating a bold and cohesive brand identity, Cartails has raised its business profile. The adoption of a new, professional visual identity has not only given Cartails a distinctive brand voice but has also instilled a newfound confidence in their ability to trade successfully.

Supporting marketing materials.

In alignment with the established brand identity, we collaborated with the Cartails team to craft a dynamic brochure website, complemented by a suite of supporting marketing materials.

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