Flora Ray

Brand identity, e-commerce website and shop designs for a modern florist transcending the conventional

Flora Ray, a distinguished floristry studio and shop nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Somerset, stands out as a distinctive venture. Owned and operated by my wife and business partner, Courtney Atherton, this personal connection provided invaluable insights during the branding process, enabling us to craft an identity that truly distinguishes Flora Ray in the bustling and competitive world of floristry.

Throughout our collaboration, we developed a brand that not only captures the essence of Flora Ray but also resonates with its discerning audience. The result is a floristry brand that projects uniqueness and authenticity, making a bold statement in an industry where individuality is often overshadowed by convention.

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Graphic Design
Brand Identity
‍Art Direction
Website Design

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A sense of elegance and charm.

From the logo design to the colour palette, every element of Flora Ray's brand identity was carefully curated to reflect the spirit of the studio and shop. The brand emanates a sense of elegance and charm, drawing customers into an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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