Branding London's leading hair salon.

In 2020, Nūdo emerged as a distinctive educational and creative hub nestled in the heart of Hackney, London, dedicated to delivering personalized, one-to-one education tailored for the dynamic hair industry. Collaborating closely with the Nūdo team, we crafted a contemporary brand identity to usher in its launch, seamlessly blending modernity with the essence of education and creativity.

Our collaboration resulted in the development of a distinctive visual language, seamlessly integrating pixelated textures and geometric shapes. These elements were thoughtfully curated to form a cohesive set of patterns, ensuring versatility across various platforms, including web and marketing materials. The result is a visually compelling representation that captures the essence of Nūdo's forward-thinking approach within the ever-evolving landscape of the hair industry.

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We started working alongside George at New Century Design when we started our new business Nūdo. We needed someone to understand our brand personality and create a visual identity in forms of a website, social media templates and marketing. George did this perfectly with amazing communication throughout, understanding exactly what we wanted to achieve

Nicholas Barford, Founder

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