Choc Et Al

Brand identity and website design for a Frome chocolate shop.

Choc et al, a charming family-owned chocolate shop nestled in the picturesque market town of Frome, sought the expertise of New Century Design to craft a distinctive identity. Our goal was to evoke the warm and indulgent emotions synonymous with chocolate, while maintaining an air of effortless chic and contemporary appeal. This carefully curated brand identity seamlessly extended across various touchpoints, including the website, signage, staff uniforms, gift bags, and a captivating large-scale vinyl wall graphic within the physical store.

Choc et al's new brand identity not only resonates with the rich tradition of chocolate making but also aligns seamlessly with the contemporary tastes of its clientele. Our collaboration has not just elevated the visual appeal of the brand but has also reinforced its position as a go-to destination for chocolate aficionados in Frome.

Design Services
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Website Design
‍Art Direction

SectorFood and Drink
Online Food Delivery

A harmonious brand.

Through a harmonious blend of design elements, we successfully captured the essence of Choc et al's unique charm, translating it into a cohesive and visually striking brand presence. The website reflects the brand's personality, the signage beckons customers with its inviting allure, and the staff uniforms embody a perfect balance of professionalism and approachability. Gift bags serve as delightful extensions of the brand, while the large-scale vinyl wall graphic within the shop not only enhances the aesthetic but also contributes to a memorable and immersive customer experience.

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