Akoz Nobel Dulux Colour Futures x Material Lab

Graphic Design, Signage and Infographics for Dulux AkozNobel Colour Futures x Material Lab Exhibition, 2015 and 2016.

Colour Futures 2017 Trend Book

Colour Futures 2017, Launch

About the Project.


Colour Futures is a trend and colour book produced by paint manufacturers Dulux. The annual publication predicts what colours and hues we will be painting onto our walls.


Since 2015 Dulux have invited Material Lab to bring their trends to life beyond paint, through the use of materials and surface finishes.


Working closely with Material Lab's Jim Biddulph, New Century produced a series of info-graphics and prints to annotate Material Lab's carefully curated display.

Material Display

CF17 Colour Theme Info-graphics

Colour Futures 2017, Display plan

Colour Futures 2016 Somerset House

The Grid & Letting Go, Print and Material Display

Dark & Light, Print and Material Display

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